Snack Gourd (chichinga)

৳ 40 500g Packet

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Snake gourd is a rich source of dietary fibers to aid in digestion, it also has significant amounts of vitamins C and E and antioxidants, which improve skin and hair health and remove harmful free radicals from injuring the healthy cells in the body. This remarkable natural wonder, which belongs to the cucumber and squash family, also provides valuable curative properties for conditions such as fever, jaundice and diabetes.

The snake gourd nutrition facts for a 100 g serving are as follows:

Calories                            86.2 kcal


Total Fat                           3.9 g

Saturated Fat                  0.5 g

Total Carbohydrate        12.5 g

Dietary Fiber                    0.6 g

Protein                              2.0 g

Cholesterol                       0.0 mg

Sodium                             33.0 mg

Potassium                         359.1 mg

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