Radish (Mula)

৳ 30 500g Packet

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  • Radishes are a group of root vegetables with light-colored, crunchy flesh, variable skin color, and an almost spicy, peppery taste.
  • The health benefits of radish are varied ranging from treating diabetes to rheumatism. It contains essential vitamins and minerals and it also acts as a detoxifying agent. The high iron and phosphorus content of radish increases immunity and reduces fatigue. It also contains fibre that helps in digestive process.


  • Nutritional facts Per 1bundle 200g
    50 Calories
    0.2g Total fat
    96mg Sodium
    800mg Potassium
    4.4g Protein
    660μg Vitamin A
    106mg Vitamin C
    6.2mg Iron
    0.36mg Vitamin B-6
    44mg Magnesium
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